Gallery Shiso

The Beauty and the Sense of Authentic Japanese Calligraphy Art in your luxury life


Calligraphy has been handed down and developed through thousands of years of tradition and innovation. Japanese Calligraphers spend a lifetime learning and training in the essence of the art, while at the same time developing limitless expression with a sensibility that is alive and well in the modern age.

In contemporary Japan, a wide variety of calligraphers, including those in the world of calligraphy, continue to train themselves and produce numerous works of calligraphy based on keen sensitivity, advanced techniques, and a deep spirituality. In addition to works of art, calligraphy also encompasses the profound and rich world of the four treasures of writing (brush, inkstick, inkstone, and paper) and mounting, and can be enjoyed from a variety of perspectives.

On the other hand, the viewing of authentic calligraphy is mainly limited to exhibition halls, and people who do not specialize in calligraphy tend to find it remote and difficult to understand. Methods and opportunities to enjoy calligraphy are also limited to calligraphy classes for training in practical skills.

With this in mind, we have established “Gallery Shiso” as a new type of gallery specializing in calligraphy.

  This project aims to create individuals and society with a rich sense of sensitivity and wellbeing through the provision of works by up-and-coming artists based on the essence of the tradition of calligraphy, advanced techniques, and high quality, as well as through education.
  This is a new and unique approach that aims to create a new fusion between modern life and the art and culture of calligraphy, based on our respect for calligraphy and its culture and our experience in international education.


Related to calligraphy works and calligraphy culture, creation of spaces (sale and rental of works), event planning, workshops, production of educational programs, art consulting, and more.

Feature 1: Ability to plan in a way that best suits the client

We will provide initial consultation and propose the best plan for your needs and objectives. English support is available.

Feature 2: Top Level Quality Based on Tradition

Carefully selected emerging calligrafers, researchers, and related craftsmen that possess advanced techniques and quality based on tradition, such as multiple award-winning at the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition, and are expected to make further progress and breakthrough in the future.

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